Apr 2015 – Ewan and Fabian’s Wedding


This month Ewan and Fabian were married at the charming St Leonard’s Gardens in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore.


They chose an “Alice in Wonderland” theme which added a creative and fun spin to the day. Their care and attention showed in every little detail, not least in Fabian’s beautiful and abundant flowers.

The weather was kind, with a sprinkling of “good luck” rain from above but not enough to spoil the day.


The celebrant was Marg Delaney.

The harpist was Robyn Sutherland.

The second photographer was the fabulous Anna Pakenham from Blush Photography.


It’s rare to see a couple as much in love as these two. Their devotion was obvious from the start of the day until the end and it was an honour to be a witness to it.

The guest list was small, but made up of people that clearly loved these two very much and were thrilled to be a part of their big day.


A very special day. Congratulations Ewan and Fabian – may the love between you only grow with time.

The full album can be found on SmugMug (for prints and downloadable digital files).

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My name is Krista Huls and I live in the stunning Auckland, New Zealand.
I have been obsessed by photography for a long time and have a diploma from the Photography Institute.

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