April 2015 – Kerry and Martin’s Wedding

Kerry and Martin have been together for 19 years and I have known them for about 14 of those years. Thank you so much Kerry for inviting me to share in your special day, both as a guest and for entrusting me with your photos.

For any couple to stay and grow together over such a long time shows a deep love, commitment, maturity and willingness to compromise that is admirable.
It is clear that these two have all these things and that they have found happiness and peace at their beautiful home in Coatesville with their family of dogs, their horse Frenchie and their assortment of vehicles (not least being the fuchsia coloured quad bike!).

Kerry and Martin: The fact that you could throw such an elegant and fun wedding day together in the short time you did and are still speaking proves you have what it takes, ha ha! Not to mention past adventures you have survived together such as emigrating (more than once!), buying the garage together, renovating and many other great stories.

Congratulation Kerry and Martin. Baie geluk!

The beautiful flowers were by Tania Chambers.
The stunning (and delicious) lemon and chocolate cake was by Sweet Temptation.
The photos were second-shot by the wonderful Anna Pakenham from Blush Photography and Kerry and Martin’s house and at the beautiful Twin Lakes, Coatesville.
The warm and witty celebrant was Flynny.
The delicious catering was by the Spit Roast catering company.

The full album can be found here: http://kristahuls.smugmug.com/Apr-2015-Kerry-and-Martin

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My name is Krista Huls and I live in the stunning Auckland, New Zealand.
I have been obsessed by photography for a long time and have a diploma from the Photography Institute.

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