Tom and Bojana – Murray’s Bay

Bee and Tom were married on a wild and stormy Auckland February in Murray’s Bay on Auckland’s North Shore. The weather Gods held out for us during the ceremony then decided to let loose right after the group photos (they say it’s good luck!) so we dashed to Waiake Beach for photos, where the road tunnel provided us with some scenic shelter from the rain.
Thankfully we were equipped with a carload of umbrellas, and bridal party and guests alike had an absolutely magical day despite the damp.
Tom and Bee,  I wish you all the best in your marriage. Your deep love for each other was obvious all throughout the day, and it was a privilege to be a part of it.

Contributors throughout the day:
Additional photography: The incredibly talented Lucinda Morris.
Hair & makeup: Melinda Patel.
Celebrant – Emma Love.

Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-13h24m33Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-13h26m44Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-13h29m16Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-13h38m10Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-14h20m27Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-14h33m08-1Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-14h51m03Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-14h59m51Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-15h00m55Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-15h03m56Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-15h15m12 copyTom & Bee 2018-02-03-15h16m56Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-15h17m18-2Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-15h51m33-1Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-15h59m53-1Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h07m34Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h08m48-2Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h26m22Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h26m24Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h31m10Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h33m55Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h38m02Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h39m05Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h39m57Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h45m31Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h49m031Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h50m35-2Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-16h58m16-4Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h05m06 copyTom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h10m59Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h11m00Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h11m39Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h12m03Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h34m51Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h35m40Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h35m54Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h36m39Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h37m49Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h38m19Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h43m14Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h43m59Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h50m41Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h50m051Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-17h50m58Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-18h24m50-2Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-18h32m25Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-18h44m17Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-18h52m54Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-19h03m07Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-19h20m37Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-20h03m41Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-20h10m45Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-20h47m00Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-21h02m56Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-21h03m39Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-21h04m26Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-21h05m31Tom & Bee 2018-02-03-21h07m20

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My name is Krista Huls and I live in the stunning Auckland, New Zealand.
I have been obsessed by photography for a long time and have a diploma from the Photography Institute.

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