Claire and Steve – Waiake Beach

Claire and Steve are the kind of couple that instantly make you feel like you have known them forever. They are warm, loving and happy people, and clearly love each other very, very much. Photographing their wedding day and spending time with their lovely family was an absolute pleasure.
Claire and Steve were married at beautiful Waiake Beach on Auckland’s North Shore with Torbay’s iconic Tor in the background.

They threw quite a party across the road across the road later, with the entire room bursting into an impromptu singalong of the Kiwi classic – Dragon’s “Rain”. What a great night!
All the best Claire and Steve, wishing you many more happy years together!

Second shot by the always talented Mevuni Weerackody

Venue: Torbay Sailing Club

Catering by Appresso Catering

Celebrant: Carla Rotondo

Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-13h58m47Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h00m07Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h06m20Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h17m12Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h20m23Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h22m18-1Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h24m45Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h27m43Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h29m24Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h33m06Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h33m51Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h38m04Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h38m24Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h43m02Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h44m270Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h45m31-2Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h52m42-1Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-14h55m58Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h00m54-1Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h20m31Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h22m13Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h24m13Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h25m09Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h25m47Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h29m14Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h34m58Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h36m52Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h40m01Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h40m57-1Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h41m21Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h41m24Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h41m34Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h43m41Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h56m45Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-15h59m28Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h36m10Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h36m58Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h37m00Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h40m27Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h42m32Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h52m17Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h56m52Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h57m33Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-16h57m52Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h05m22Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h08m22Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h25m10Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h31m01Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h31m56Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h35m18Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h37m30Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h47m29Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h51m23Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-17h51m44Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h04m10Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h09m36Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h18m45Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h18m46Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h20m35Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h23m02Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h26m44Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h29m34Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h29m48Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h31m01Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h31m04Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h31m09Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h47m54Claire & Steve 2018-03-10-18h55m58

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My name is Krista Huls and I live in the stunning Auckland, New Zealand.
I have been obsessed by photography for a long time and have a diploma from the Photography Institute.

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