John and Dionne – Devonport

It’s obvious that John and Dionne are crazy about each other from the moment you first meet them. There is palpable chemistry and love between them and it’s lovely to witness.
I felt honoured to be part of their special day, all in picturesque Devonport.

We started out at the elegant Esplanade Hotel for makeup, then drove up North Head where John was waiting for his first glimpse of his gorgeous bride.

Since John has many years of history with the Royal New Zealand Nazy, The ceremony was at the Chapel of St. Christopher at the Royal New Zealand Navy base in Devonport, where the reception was also held.
All in all a truly special day. Thanks guys!

Second shot by Mevuni from Getting There.
Makeup by Brows Inc.
DJ: DJ Eddie.

John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h01m41John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h06m50John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h07m43John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h14m06-1John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h17m34John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h21m02John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h22m42John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h28m11John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h46m37John & Dionne 2018-03-17-13h58m14-1John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h04m40John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h06m20-1John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h09m00John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h21m19John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h22m06-1John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h22m59John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h31m52John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h32m17John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h36m36John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h42m19John & Dionne 2018-03-17-14h45m36John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h11m41John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h12m45-1John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h12m51John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h12m53-1John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h14m57John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h16m34John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h18m21John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h18m31John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h28m26John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h28m30-1John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h29m03John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h29m18John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h30m13John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h34m16-1John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h38m57John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h41m34John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h47m12John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h49m46John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h50m06John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h52m11John & Dionne 2018-03-17-15h52m47John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h00m08John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h17m14John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h24m12John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h26m21John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h28m09John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h29m46John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h39m01John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h44m04John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h44m19John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h45m25John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h46m54John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h47m15John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h55m16John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h55m46John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h55m58John & Dionne 2018-03-17-16h57m49John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h00m41John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h00m59John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h02m31John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h02m50John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h14m55John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h36m24John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h43m30John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h46m41John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h46m56John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h47m06John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h47m29John & Dionne 2018-03-17-17h59m44John & Dionne 2018-03-17-18h02m09John & Dionne 2018-03-17-18h02m35John & Dionne 2018-03-17-18h05m29John & Dionne 2018-03-17-18h19m30John & Dionne 2018-03-17-18h36m02

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My name is Krista Huls and I live in the stunning Auckland, New Zealand.
I have been obsessed by photography for a long time and have a diploma from the Photography Institute.

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