Anna and Elmo – Buckland’s Beach

I was so happy that my last wedding of the summer was for Anna and Elmo, as they were such a genuine, happy couple.
They were married in an intimate ceremony at Buckland’s Beach Yacht club surrounded by their children, close friends, and family.
Then we went up the spectacular Musick Point for some stunning sunset scenery before finishing the evening mingling with guests.
An absolutely magic day, thanks Anna and Elmo for sharing it with me.

Second shot by Mevuni Weerackody from Getting There.
Makeup by Michaela Kaye Makeup.

Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h15m27Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h17m12Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h18m32Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h23m50Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h35m57Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h44m08Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h48m21Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h49m25Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-15h58m12-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h05m02Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h12m56-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h16m51Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h19m28Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h23m53Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h24m57Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h28m56Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h35m15Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h50m03-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h53m05Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h53m17-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-16h53m28-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h01m43Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h33m30-1 - CopyAnna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h33m41Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h38m43Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h39m26 copyAnna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h39m29Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h41m08Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h41m14-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h41m32Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h41m38Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h43m10-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h46m53-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h47m09Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h51m13Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-17h55m46Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h06m48Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h07m31Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h09m14Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h09m52Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h10m26Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h13m35-1Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h46m47Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h47m57Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h48m02Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h49m06Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h49m30Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h50m07Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h50m10Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h52m43Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h55m27Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h55m38Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h55m59Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h58m22Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-18h59m01Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h00m06Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h00m22Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h05m51Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h07m52Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h09m08Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h09m25Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h39m15Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h39m42Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h46m22Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h47m07Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h47m15Anna & Elmo 2018-04-07-19h48m37


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My name is Krista Huls and I live in the stunning Auckland, New Zealand.
I have been obsessed by photography for a long time and have a diploma from the Photography Institute.

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